Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great-Grandma: "She's my sweetie"

Last month, while up North visiting family, we also made a stop at my Grandma's house. We love to see Grandma (Great-Grandma to my girls!) and Keifer gets especially curious about her cat, Bootsie. This time, Bootsie was sleeping on top of the heating register, and didn't make much effort to pay attention to us.

Kyla made the rounds from Great-Auntie Jeanne, to Great-Uncle Danny (my dad's clone!). As you can see, Kyla was NOT sure what to think about Uncle Danny. I think the fact that he resembles my Dad (her Papa) so much really threw her for a loop.

This past weekend, as Keifer was painting her watercolor picture for Uncle Darren, I made mention that she should make a picture for her Great Grandma, and then we talked about the visits we've made to Grandma's house (and her cat). She thought what we had been talking about for a minute, and then said, "Yeah, Great-Grandma. She's my sweetie!".

3 Generations
Admiring Kyla
Great-Auntie Jeanne is smitten
Kyla with her penetrating stare: just who IS this guy? Yeah, she could NOT figure out poor Uncle Danny!
At my parents, later.....Kyla models her "rebel rocker yell"
Mama & her rocker girls!

1 comment:

Piccinigirl said...

wow, he is your dad's clone, holy smokes, I thought that WAS your dad. :)

your Grandma is adorable..I love how the girls get to see her and she is here to hold and play with them. What a blessing for everyone.



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