Monday, March 15, 2010

"Uncle LOVES flowers"

Last week, Keifer decided that the pictures she was water color painting were going to be for her sister, Kyla, and for her Uncle Darren. This came completely out of the blue, so it was quite sweet that she wanted to do this for her Uncle up North.

As she was painting, I pointed out there were flowers on the picture. She smiled, and said "Uncle Darren! He LOVES flower! We should get him some at Sam's!"
She kept painting her picture, and said "he's gonna be SO happy if I bring it to him! It's gonna be for him!"

I said that since Nana D. and Papa Dale were coming down, they would be happy to pass the picture onto Uncle and we'd have to see about the flowers. I then pointed out that the apples in the tree on her picture were supposed to be painted red and green (via what the picture said across the top of the paper).

Keifer intently looked at the picture, and then said, "red and green apples on the tree: got it!"

What a ham (and she doesn't even know it!)

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