Monday, March 15, 2010

I cannot go to school today....

Sick. Sick sick sick. My entire team here at work has been sick. Sick sick sick. It completely sucks to be sick, and to have 2 young kids and 2 puppers to take care of. Thank goodness CJ is a fantastic hubby and daddy and has had to step up the duties at home.

Over a week ago, I had a fever and aches and chills, and just had to lie down for awhile. (and sleep and sleep). I felt somewhat better last Monday and made it to work and Baby Ballroom, but Tuesday ~~ ahhh, Tuesday. Tuesday being at work was like ripping my eyeballs out. I was achy, my head was pounding, I had a sore throat, chills and started to get feverish. The coughing - oh, the coughing. I left school immediately when my classes were done and went to bed. I had a fever that night and the next day. I felt sick to my stomach and like passing out every time I tried to stand up.I tried to assist with Kyla in the middle of the night to change her, but ended up leaving her screaming and crying half-undressed! Poor child.

I still have zero appetite and zero energy. I haven't been to the gym in weeks. It kills me to not get to the gym, yet I could care less right now. The cough is persistent and deep (barky).

I finally hit the doctor's office up this AM. It was confirmed that she thinks I did indeed fit the symptoms of the seasonal flu. Blah. I can't remember feeling this cruddy in a long time. The cough is going to persist for another month or so (lovely) as it's labeled a "post viral cough". Nothing to really do for it, other than cough medicine and a prescription for some harder stuff if I can't sleep. Luckily the over-the-counter stuff is working so far *knock on wood*. As for the weak body (no energy) and lack of appetite, well, it'll eventually return. Blah.

I just feel whiny. Poor CJ- I've tried to help but honey, I really was and am sick! Sick sick sick. I am praying the girls coughs that they have had don't develop into anything worse than what I had. They were both so sick over Christmas, and I'm hoping that was THEIR bout with it.

More posts to come eventually........

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Piccinigirl said...

Oh Carrie, you poor thing, I thought my headache for 3days was bad..this is worse...
I wish I lived closer I'd come and help..and of course bring Gio and Jacob to assist or just to play with K1. :)

feel better my friend, get back in bed!!!!!! hugs and kisses.


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