Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Double the ears, double the INFECTION fun!

Elaine called me yesterday after nap time with the news that Keifer was crying after nap, and only slept for 1/2 hour total. She was complaining that her ear hurt, and had been pretty subdued all day (and of course, she behaved herself!). I called CJ, who was at home resting, as he is getting the sickies as well. I had a class I could not miss last night, but I called the doctor to see if anything was available so late in the day. Nope. Urgent Care was the only option...soooooo....CJ picked the girls up, I went to my class until 7,and it turns out BOTH girls have ear infections. Luckily I mentioned at the last minute to CJ to check Kyla's right ear, as she had been grabbing at it. Yep. Keifer has a double ear infection and Kyla has one side that is not "as bad" as her sister, but she still got meds to take care of the illness. You would have never known Kyla had anything wrong with her, she's still so damn happy! LOL.

So poor daddy, getting the sickies, and my poor baby girls, with ear infections. Our first:**can you hear the cherry popping on that category? POP POP **

I stopped at the pharmacy, got the meds for them last night, and made it home to cuddle with my girls (Sage and Keifer, Kyla was already in bed) and watched the first part of our DVR'ed American Idol. Keifer slept pretty well during the night and slept in this AM until 7:30. She woke up happy as a clam and so far, has been having a "great" day at Elaine's!

The sad part is, she just started swimming lessons last Wednesday night with Daddy. It's a continuous weekly lesson, and unfortunately, we won't be able to bring her tonight with her ears so irritated. Boo.


Heather said...

Hope everyone feels better soon.

Wendy and Karen said...

So sorry. Get well soon!

JM said...

Must be something in the air, my poor littlest guys has two infections of his own :(


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