Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Open up and say "awwwwwwwwww"

Over Valentine's weekend, CJ and I packed up our SUV and headed up North to my parent's house. We had a great long, extended weekend, as I had Monday off for President's Day. Although we were lucky enough to see some of our family, I wasn't able to squeeze in my friends this visit. It sucks not having enough time in a day to see everyone you really want to -but I guess that's the price you pay for expanding your family and moving away 3 hours South!

Anyhoo, I have another post to get ready for sharing pictures and stories from the visit. It was a fun time, and CJ and I were lucky enough to enjoy a Valentine's Day lunch alone (!) at the newly built Texas Roadhouse. It was yummy and so relaxing to be away alone for some good food (and a beer with lunch!).

The previous night, we dressed the girls up for Valentine's Day and joined my parents, my Auntie Barbara, my brother Darren, and his girlfriend Steph out to eat at our favorite restaurant. It is a mainstay whenever we go home, and it was Kyla's first visit there (if you exclude the MANY times she visited there inside my belly!). She loved it- BOTH girls were so well behaved that night, we were very fortunate. We even got a compliment from the table next to us as we left, on how well-behaved our babies were for the 2 hours we were there. Believe me, when they (the diners) are over 65, getting a compliment means alot to me, as they have been around to see a LOT when it comes to dining out and children!).

Anyhoo, here are the pictures from dinner that night. It was a momentous occasion not only because it was Kyla's first visit there, but she also tried soda crackers (Saltines) for the first time, and loved them. The poor bus boy- I apologized as we left for the pile of half-gnawed on crackers underneath her high chair. It was also Kyla's first time dining out in a high chair (big girl! *sniff*)

Perhaps the funniest part of the evening was when Kyla was being passed around from relative to relative. She seems to have a crush on Steph, and when Steph got a hold of her, Kyla started practicing her jumping bean skills on her and wouldn't stop! It was hilarious! She also opened up her mouth super wide and kept it that way for quite some time. I have to say, my stomach hurt from all the laughing we did at Kyla that night. I will also add that big sissy was NOT happy with all that attention being taken away from her, so she loudly announced to us (and most of the tables around us) that she had to go POOP! LOL. Well, at least she did go each of the 3-4 times she had us take her to visit the bathrooms, and kept dry the whole way!

Posing with the menu
Kyla thinks the menu itself looks pretty tasty! Flashback to May of 2007- Keifer's first visit there!
Sitting in her own high chair (Mama forgot the high chair cover, eww))
Gnawing on a cracker, YUMMY! (when she wasn't choking and I wasn't digging cracker bits from the back of her throat!)
Big sissy enjoyed her meal!
Open up and say, "awww!"
"Awwww"ing to Auntie Barb
Crazy, jumping girl! Poor Steph! LOL

I'm not sure if the video is showing- it comes and goes, so if not, click HERE FOR VIDEO!

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