Sunday, April 29, 2007

The social committee

Our first family picture attempt! Treble actually got into position with no bribes and Sage had a heck of a time not kissing Keifer the whole time!
Well, I know I haven't been updating the blog as much - but believe me, there isn't much "exciting" news to report. The days of activity and structure and exciting new PG developments have turned into waiting on Miss K. to eat, get a diaper change and keeping track of her wet and poopie diapers. Don't get me wrong - I love being a mommy, and the time is going by exceedingly fast -- but for outsiders who aren't all that into kids or who don't really care about how many ounces she had at her last feeding, my daily reports might be a tich boring! LOL. I will say this - she is an awesome baby! She pretty much only cries when she's wet or hungry and she is SO alert for her age (I swear!). She is so fun to watch when she is watching her birdies on the swing or under her playmat - and there are a few books that she "seems" to actually be looking at the pictures already! One of these books is the book from her Auntie Taryn - "Mama Loves Me" (I think she likes the trunk that comes out of the page).

She also LOVES music - we have uploaded a lot our CD's onto our computer - and if she seems fussy and not responding to anything else - I bring her over to listen to some music and immediately she quiets down, and her eyes turn towards the sound. So far, she has showed me she really enjoys the Red Hot Chili Peppers (of course, she DID see them with me! LOL), the Beatles, the Tarzan soundtrack (which makes mommy cry -especially the song "You'll Be in My Heart" *sniff* - go ahead, listen to the sample of the song and you try NOT to cry if you're a mommy!), the Barenaked Ladies, Bo Bice, and we're currently sleeping in our sling to Cat Stevens!
**FYI - her eyes are a gorgeous blue - so we're assuming that they will be blue, as her daddy has gorgeous blue eyes and our egg donor does, too. I will say this- she is a mini- me of her daddy, though. My parents said her name should be "Christina" as she is her daddy's spittin' image at times!
Things continue to go well with our pretty angel. We've been blessed (knock on wood) with a girl who seems to sleep at night for 4 hour stretches at time - YAY! Daddy usually puts her to bed around 10-11, mommy gets up around 2-3 AM, and then Daddy gets her fed and changed when he gets up for work around 5-6 AM.
This past Wednesday, Keifer and I made our first solo jaunt to Target! YAY! She did great (aka ~ she slept the whole trip!) and mommy felt good to be out and independent for once. Then, Friday, I took her to my workplace and introduced her to all my co-workers and friends at our staff meeting. Miss Keifer was a hit- and was passed around in loving arms all morning. Again, she slept most of that meeting away. Then we got home, and she got to enjoy her Grandma and Grandpa being in town again (my parents- who were down from Thursday to Saturday). Mommy got to attempt a nap on Friday without worrying about whether or not miss Thing would sleep,too!
Friday afternoon, my cousin (a 3rd cousin? my mom's cousin's daughter, so my 3rd cousin?) and her 3 girls visited - what a fun time we had! The girls were so beautiful and we got some good pics. Saturday was a revolving door of well-wishers - with my mom's cousin Leland, my college friends Michelle and Natasha visiting (Michelle with her 3 kids as well), and then my mom's childhood friend and her daughter. Then, this AM, my Auntie Annie and cousin Micaela were able to stop by for a visit - as they were ironically doing a bike race in the 'burb that CJ and I live in! COOL! So Miss K. got to meet MUCH of her family (extended!) and many of mommy's friends and future friends of hers! Mommy was tired, but overjoyed to see so many happy and loving faces and again, we feel so blessed to have so much love in our lives and so many people loving on our angel girl.
**and the fur kids were sure happy and excited and POOPED OUT (literally) after all their tail-wagging socializing, too!*

This afternoon (Sunday) Miss Keifer has been somewhat fussy - so I'm not sure if all her entertaining (while sleeping, mind you) wore her out and the only thing that really seems to calm her down is being in her sling while mommy hangs out.
Keifer's first visit to our favorite Mexican place right down the street- she and I practically LIVED on their yummy tortilla soup all throughout my PG!

Mama's favorite new pic of Daddy and his mini-me pretty princessModeling our new sweater that our online friend Linda made - it is just gorgeous! (*we wore it to Target! YAY*)I make the funniest faces in my sleep -this is one of my pouts"My college friend Michelle and her 3 kiddos came to meet Keifer on Saturday! What fun!

Meeting "Auntie" NatashaMeeting my mom's friend, Carolyn and her daughter, Missy, on Saturday

Meeting her birthday pal for the first time - my mom's cousin Leland! (She was born on his birthday!) Proud Bumpa and Nana! They were so sad to go home again :(
Keifer and her first pic with some of her girl cousins- Casey's girls - Lucia, Joella, and baby Liza- aren't they beauties? Big cousin Joella is going to be a knock-out, watch out Casey & Jeff! More kisses (as always)
Meeting Auntie Annie and cousin Micaela
This is what Sassy Sage thinks of all the hulabaloo over Keifer: ZZZZzzzzz *because the fur kids , well, their schedule has been knocked right out of their routine as well - with all the crying and getting up and visitors! LOL*)


Pegs said...

She is SOOOOOO beautiful! I've been able to keep up with your updates but not enough to write! You look wonderful for just having her a couple weeks ago! You are glowing even more now after delivery!! Your the proudest mother I have ever seen (for every reason)!! Take care and hopefully I'll get the chance to meet the princess someday soon. Let Ali know your coming, she'll pass it on to me.
You are so blessed,

Kristine said...

She is just darling!!! :) I agree - you are glowing - BIG TIME!!! I love reading your updates! :) Congrats

Jennifer Prince said...

Wow! Miss K is quite popular!!

You look amazing! And keifer looks precious as always!!

Laura said...

What a popular little princess you have there!

Thanks for the update. It sounds like you are all doing very well. Sager's last pic made me LOL. Our dogs used to sigh in frustration if they were trying to sleep while Isaac cried. ;)


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