Monday, April 30, 2007

The two lifesavers of the past 3 weeks:

One: The first and foremost lifesaver has been.........CAFFEINE!! LOL. My much -needed pick-me-up of choice has been usually good old Coke Classic (red can, ice cold, YUM!). Sugar? Yes, but I can put up with that as long as my eyes stay open!

Two: This sling thing ROCKS! According to the "Happiest Baby on the Block", the first three months of the baby's life is comparable to the "fourth and missing trimester". The book talks about how babies love to be swaddled tight (as if still in utero, tight as can be), they love to be swung/jiggled/etc., and they love to suck, be "shhed" and be on their sides. Well, Keifer apparently agrees with the book, because she responds to each and every one of the "5 S's" in the book. Especially the being swaddled and jiggled - even more so if she's being held in loving arms.
Over the past 3 days, when she has become fussy, I've put her in the Hotsling, and voila: she has slept for over 2-3 hours each time!!! She loves to fit snug and tight, close to mama, and she dreams away (cooing and making her funny faces.). I'm so happy we got this. It was also fun to take her on a walk around the neighborhood the other night, hidden under her bright pink blanket, warm as can be, snug next to mama, ready to show off to the neighbors (because daddy likes to show his pretty princess off!). Just now, writing in the blog, I've been slinging my girl since 11 AM! She's been out for the count, snoozing away, making her little coos and mutters, making me wonder what exactly she is dreaming about? Puppies? Dog parks? Papas and Nanas? (*besides letting an occasional TOOT TOOT out, hee hee*)

Notice how Sass seems to be in the background of every picture? LOL - always checking up on "her baby"

We also just ordered the Ergo carrier -on the recommendation of my online friends who own them and seem to really like them. Mooshie (my egg angel) has one, as does another friend who traveled here last summer, and they were able to travel with a toddler with somewhat relative ease thanks to the carrier. CJ is excited to get our own Ergo, so I just ordered ours today- with the infant insert -as Keif won't be able to fully enjoy the Ergo experience because of her lack of head control (although she has been lifting her head a LOT, trying to show us how strong she is at just 3 weeks old!).


Kristine said...

It's amzing how much you glow, Carrie. I decided for baby #2 we are DEFINITELY getting a sling. Everyone raves about them. What are the weight limitations on the one you have?

Emilie said...

Carrie, how cool that K. is loving the sling! Daniel is, by nature, a guy who doesn't like to be confined for too long, so he rarely slept in the cradle carry position. The 5 S's were great for us, though - I'm glad they're working for you, too! Keifer sounds like such a good baby. :)

Kristine ... you should look into getting an Ergo!! I pop Daniel in it every day, sometimes for walks, and you can use it until your baby's a toddler - front and back.


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