Monday, November 06, 2006

Keifer was "rocking out" (aka dancing) this AM

My friend and I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert last night. We had a great time - I got to get all dressed up, put on my "going out" make up (complete with eye liner, whoot) and we met for a burger and beers (well, I had ice water, LOL) before hand. It was so much fun - we had great seats (front row of the side section, only a few sections from side of stage) and the Peppers put on an awesome show, as always. I just always enjoy their music and the energy they have to put on a show as entertaining as theirs was.
The music and bass had our entire bodies humming/vibrating -- so my friend and I had our hands on my belly a lot of the time, feeling the hum and wondering what little Keif was thinking, inside his cozy womb. It was a late night, and I definitely am feeling the tireds today.

I checked Keifer's heartbeat before I left for work, and it was lower than usual - which means that Keif must be snoozing away inside, all tuckered out from the rocking of last night. AND: the best news: I felt movement for the FIRST TIME as I was driving to work!! It was on my left side, in the ovary area, and it was a very brief, little flutter (just like everybody says), and I for sure knew it was Keifer. YAY! I immediately called Chris and he was very excited, too!
My little rock star baby, rocking away inside mom still! LOL

Oh - and I bought myself a simple, white Tshirt with the Red Hot Chili Peppers logo in the middle and my friend surprised me by buying the toddler Tshirt to match! Awww!! It won't fit until Keif is about 3 or so, but how cool is that! His /her "first concert" tshirt! LOL.


AussieElle said...

Rock on lil Keif!!

Piccinigirl said...

"Tell Me Baby...did you have fun at the concert???" :)

oh that is so cool!!! Your own little rocker...whoot whoot. So glad you and Keifer had such a good time at the Chili's !!!!


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