Saturday, April 07, 2007

More showerings of love (gifts)!

Once again, Keifer has been showered with gifts of love from more of my online message board friends. The generosity and love people (some whom I've never even met in real life) amazes us and continues to make our hearts swell with gratitude and love. Keifer is one spoiled and treasured little angel, who doesn't even realize the abundance of gifts, love, and prayers that are awaiting her arrival with baited breath.

Last week, I had a huge surprise in the mail as an online friend from the east coast sent her a gorgeous dress and sweater set, a sleeper (which says "mommy's little girl"), and an adorable book about having a baby that literally makes me tear up every time I read it to myself. It's called "Baby Dear", and it is pathetically sweet and sappy, right up my alley! LOL. *sigh*. (*thank you, Kate!*)

Then the other day, another online friend, who is a master knitter, sent us this beautiful handmade sweater for Keifer - and with a doggie button that is just so appropriate (knowing how CJ and I love our fur kids so much)!! We can hardly wait to dress her up in these gorgeous clothes, and knowing they are gifts of love (and some homemade) makes them even that more special to us! (*thank you, Linda!*)

Thank you, sweet, dear friends.
Thank you.

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