Thursday, February 13, 2014

December in review - 2013

A quick and dirty update of our December, as it's already 2 months gone, and I cannot fathom sitting down and remembering much more than I've already put in here!
It went quick. I always plan on being ahead of myself and ready for shop, make cookies, wrap gifts, etc., and the next thing you know, the month has passed and I wonder what I did the whole time?
Well, we were busy!
Here, Keifer decides to write a note to Santa, asking for an Easy Bake oven (and mentioning she is Santa's best friend!)
She got the oven, and it was used exactly 2 times thus far. 
The letter reads:
"Dear Santa, I want my own Ipod for Christmas, and an easy bake - you're the best -I had a bad day Dec. 21 - you're fan, love you, from your best friend Keifer C - I'm one of your elves"
(hey, at least she's honest!)
One day, the girls dressed alike, even if they are at different schools. It is fun for all involved! SO FAR, they let me do this! *cackle*
We had a fun day in the snow one Saturday afternoon. Mama tries to get out and play with the girls, as I don't want to be the boring, unmemorable mom down the road. I hope my girls enjoy the time I spend with them outside. I may not be the craziest, but I do enjoy sledding with them! Here is a neighbor friend with us, and K1 lying down in the snow. 
Here, K1 took it upon herself to also write a note about Baby Jesus (of course, I got a little choked up reading it)
It reads:
"That's right.  I know why Christmas is called Christmas. Because of Jesus Christ"
For Girl Scouts (Daisy!), we sang carols and walked around a retirement/assisted living home.  The girls and moms did GREAT singing, and Keifer really took her job seriously. You can see her in the above picture, on the front left, half hidden by the sheet music. She has her nose buried in the music, making sure she sang the correct words.
I had some tears. We met an older lady, who uses a walker, and she had the SAME perm my late Grandma had, and the same look to her, and being that Grandma just died last July, and the fact that I haven't been in an older folks' home since then, I got all choked up. I tried to hide it, but the tears fell. I tried to hide it from the other GS people, and K1.  Whew. Who knew!?
Of course, I posted a recap of our Christmas Eve experience already, so there you go for THAT.......

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