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Post Christmas -but STILL a part of OUR Christmas - up North : 2013

Christmas just wouldn't be the same, without a trip up north to Duluth!  Of course, I went up with my girls the Friday after Christmas, and what a whirlwind visit we had! We cram a lot of activity into a few days with family!
First, getting out of town is near impossible sometimes. It took me half the day just to get myself and the girls packed up (lots of war on behalf of myself and my K1), and then we had a few stops to make, which turned into more time..........

But we finally made it up there. My mom had made my favorite meal: her homemade spaghetti sauce! Kyla had her gluten-free noodles, and we all devoured the food. We set up the two card tables in the basement, and had family dinner down there with my brother, his GF, and Wy-guy. Their dogs, Dio and Layla, were also a part of our fun night. 

Then, the girls could FINALLY rip into the gifts that were staring them in the face. They were overwhelmed and excited to get all their new goods.  Here was a picture I took of them "thanking" their Great-Auntie Jeanne for the craft kits she got them.
And here, Keifer was a wee bit excited to get a new MN Wild Hockey Fleece Pull over! Hee, I love it. 
My mom, Steph, and myself were enjoying a glass of wine, when my dad broke out the Rum Chata that he had bought to try. Um, YUM. We are fans to that particular yummy treat. By then, I was relaxed! LOL  And yes, K1 and I had on matching Tshirts. (from when she was in utero)
Saturday, it was cold but not TOO cold, so we took the girl to watch their Wy-Guy play in a hockey tourney outside. Ahh, the memories. The neighborhood the outside rink was located in was one I spent A LOT of time in during my college years *cue the songs about memories*
The girls love hockey, but somehow, the HUGE snow banks that were surrounding the rinks were more appealing to them then the actual game itself.  And it was fun for ME, as I ran into an old friend I haven't seen in literally over 10+ years, as he has a son on the same team (and how the heck 10+ years went by, I'll never know....)
We went home for a bit, and then it was my baby brother's birthday (sniff). They had another hockey game after the one we attended, so they were cold and ready for rest. I dressed the girls matching (again!) and we met them and Steph's parents at Sammy's Pizza, for a birthday pizza dinner!
So much fun.
What was NOT so much fun, was walking around the back of my van to let K2 out of her seat, and slipping so fast on the ice, I never even KNEW I was going to fall. I landed on my left thigh, and arm, and all seemed OK, even though my mom was screeching, and I hopped up quickly, as cars were coming in the slippery lot. Ugg. I wasn't hurt. Until the next few days, when my thigh developed a HUGE nasty, black and blue bruise, and my arm felt like someone had taken a hammer and pounded on it (but it didn't bruise outwardly).

Anyhoo, we had a fun dinner, and here are the girls and Wy loving on their Uncle Darren on his birthday. Ahhh, they love him!
But wait! The festivities continued! And yes, the girls got new matching adorable hats from their Nana (which we've had more compliments on and she apparently found at Walgreens! You just never know!)
December is a month that ends in birthdays for us....we we headed on down Sunday afternoon for a later lunch at the Red Slobster.  It was my cousin's birthday that day, and so we went out for MORE food (weight? what weight?).
The kids were enthralled with the live lobster, that we got to learn all about (which was actually very interesting)
Here are the girl cousins lined up for lunch: K2 (with her new Elsa doll), K1 and cousin Aubrie.  
Lunch was fun. But we weren't done (hey, a rhyme). Oh, no. We had movie plans. Off we went...the girls to the movie......Walking With Dinosaurs movie, which really wasn't the greatest, but it did have some good visuals.  Silly goofs. And it was FREEZING cold out, I will tell you. The walk from the van to the movie theater was enough to freeze you!
K2 was very excited to sit next to Wyatt. She later told me, "he's so handsome, Mom". Oh boy!
And K1 gets to sit with cousin Aubrie. And then later, IN my lap, of course! 
We ended the night with a movie and ice cream at home at Nana and Papa's and then we loaded up the next morning for home. To say we load on the adventure is quite an understatement. No wonder the girls love to visit up North!

And that will conclude my holiday wrap-up. I hope and pray you all had a wonderful holiday season; it's hard to believe it's over and soon, Spring will be here (hopefully!)

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