Thursday, February 13, 2014

What's in YOUR Pantry (worth swapping out?)

Powerful pantry swap outs. Something we could all benefit from!
These days, our food isn't giving us the same nutrition it did about 40 or more years ago, when we didn't GET SICK as often as our families might, or the food we ate wasn't processed and fast, and nutritionally lacking in value.

I'd added the video of Brooke Thomas, whom I've started following a bit, because it IS important to examine the food we give our families and because OUR family is so highly aware now of anything that is NOT gluten-free, it's second nature to me.  

I can't NOT share good tips, right? I hope to help some of you, if you happen to be looking for some easy ideas of how to slowly incorporate new staples into your pantry.

Watch and then also READ THIS ARTICLE that accompanies the video. It also has a great "staple replacement conversion chart", which people like ME really need to rely on!  Let me know if you think this was helpful!

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