Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas Eve - 2013 (yep, belated!)

Catching up on the belated posts here!
We had a great Christmas- again, a BLUR (well, wasn't the whole month!?)
Christmas Eve, we continued out tradition of going to church at the 5PM service, while CJ's brother stayed back at our house, cooking the prime rib dinner...


 Cousins with their Nana Margie

 Sweet Potato prep!
 This year, we had CJ's parents,  as well as his Aunt and Uncle join us

 Uncle skimming some pictures
 Mason was very excited for the gift opening!
 Abby did a selfie!
After dinner, the kids were READY for some gifts! And yes, they were spoiled. New Barbies, Frozen dolls, cute pink boots,  new clothes, and new games.
Don't forget the dishes helper - Sager!
 Kyla loved her new game of Hungry Hungry Hippos -and was teaching her Great Uncle Carl (Carlo!) how to play!
 K1 was a bit tired!

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