Sunday, May 26, 2013

A 4 year old Princess Party

Too many pictures to sort through, so I uploaded a smattering of the ones I could see were "the best".  Of course, they are ALL the best, but these give you a glimpse into my baby girl's dream "Ball".  We (again) hired Miss Meghan (of Keifer's Baby Ballroom past) to "lead" the dancing. She was amazing (as usual). The girls were in Princess heaven and the boys had fun running around and participating. 
The cake - Kyla debated for a long time at the bakery about which one to pick. I convinced her that this one matched her dress (she was going to wear) so we were in agreement FINALLY on this one!

Neighbor Princesses!
Cousin Wyatt! A handsome Prince, if I do say so myself!
Break time for Keifer to open belated gifts from Auntie and Uncle in Duluth
Kyla's proclamined "best friend" next door - A. who was dressed in similar attire!
Keifer and Mazz have been friends since they were BABIES at Baby Ballroom together! Love it!

Next door A.'s baby sissy- Kyla just walked away and sat down with P!
"um, Kyla, come dance with ME, not my sissy!"

Buzz and a Pirate- dancing cousins!
Pirate Cooper-not sure what to think about all this! LOL
K2 Loves her Cooper boy!
Doing some more silly games!

Keifer loves babies. Too bad there are no more in our future-she'd make an excellent big sissy to one!
Maz's baby sissy- not a baby anymore! Love this Gabby girl!
Laugh out loud!
"Mad face!"
Kyla gave each and every friend a hug when she opened their presents! LOL

thanks for looking! Have a great day!

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