Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cinco! Happy Birthday, for the 5th time...........

We had Keifer's 5th birthday party the Sunday following her actual birthday.....and it was a Princess/Pirate extravaganza! It was crazy!  The birthday girl got to invite friends from Daycare, friends from Preschool and some friends from both our old and new neighborhoods.  

I had a friend make the invite, and we invited the kids to come dressed as a Princess or a Prince or Pirate ;apparently Pirates are much more popular than Princes these days!
As the kids entered the party, I had Princess crowns and Pirate hats (construction paper) ready for them to decorate, and that was a hit! They colored and stuck stickers all over them. I even got one: Queen!  Then, it was time for the dancing!
We hired our fabulous former Baby Ballroom teacher, Miss Meghan, to lead the royal dancing. She was amazing!  The kids were so thrilled and they all listened to her instructions and were waltzing and tangoing across the floor in no time, partnered with a child next to them! I had a smile on my face the whole time!
There is obviously a slew of pictures, so enjoy some of them, while I mentally prepare for Kyla to turn 3 in May! *sobbing* Where is the time GOING, people?

The birthday girl with her pal Mazzy!
Kyla worked VERY hard on her crown!
 K1 picked out her OWN cake!

 The dance circle
 Tiana was losing her dress!
 Learning how to spin
 Princess K with one of her bestest buds!

 This is what we got when we asked for a smile!
 Papa Dale even got into the PIRATE spirit!
 No party is complete without a parachute, right?


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