Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All the singing shows

Well, if you know anything about me and my girls, you know we all love love love our music, and Glee, and musical shows. We didn't even attempt to watch the Idol this season, and I never got into The X Factor.  I think they need to retire the Idol, but that's just me. And who am I? LOL

The Voice? Well, I liked the previous seasons, "so so", but then this season, Usher and Shakira came on. And me and my girls were HOOKED!  If you ask Kyla who her favorite judge is, she'll put her hand on her right hip, cock it to the side, and very seriously tell you, "Shakira. Because she's a girl!"

The simple changing of the judges was all it took to grab our attention. We all love Shakira- myself, because she seems so open, emotional, fun, and passionate.  I didn't think much of Usher, but now watching him do his coaching sessions, I feel like he really is a very hard worker and cares about his team.  I already loved Blake and Adam, and this season only makes me fall more in love with them. What fun it is to watch.

This season, I'm loving Michelle Chamuel. Not sure if it's the special education teacher in me, but I always root for the underdog. Michelle stood out to me in auditions because of her energy and passion, and watching her the other night sing "Just Give Me a Reason" (in which Kyla exclaimed, "Mom, we listen to this one in the car!"; yes, because every radio and satellite station I turn it to has this playing, oye),) watching her sing gave me goosebumps. Adam summed it up best by saying that when all the judges watch Michelle, they forget its a competition; it's just entertainment to watch her perform.Well, he actually said, "you take the competition away from us, because we're all beaming with pride".
Anyhow, I love when she performs, either ballad (moving me to tears) or high energy (in which she kicks, squats, and makes stretching motions).

I also am so -so about Sasha Allen -- had a good night the other night. She sang, "Next to Me", which is a song I enjoy popping my body around to in the car.  I also loved it when Rachel and Shelby sang it on Glee (yep, still plugging along watching that show, although I'm not loving it, I always look forward to the music part of it). 

Back to The Voice, Keifer and CJ like Danielle Bradbery, and we all like Amber Carrington.  Overall, it's a fun year to watch. CJ likes to compare them all to Wedding Singers, but what are they to do? They have to sing familiar songs so that they audience likes them, right?

So what singing shows do you like to watch?

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