Sunday, May 26, 2013

A toddler love story?

Kyla loves her friends. In fact, both my girls are in love with thier friends, girls or boys.  Yesterday, we finally got together with our daycare friends- an event that had been months (or a year?) in the making. Kyla knew Cooper was going to come over with his parents. She dressed up for him- and said, "Mom! Take my picture for Cooper!" (I am not kidding you! )
So I did. And texted his mama with it.
What a sassy pose!
 Cooper responded, "Girls, I am coming over soon! I'm excited!!" (why this is so stretched looking, I don't know?)

Yeah, they had a blast!  Here the two lovebirds are in the Huggle Pod.  I think Kyla is flirting just a little bit. Cooper was pretty happy, with both my girls fawning all over him all night! 
It was hard to say goodbye, but about an hour or so after they left, Kyla, out of the blue (as she's playing with Cinderella's castle), said to me, "Mama? Mama? I just REALLY (stressed that "really" and stretched the word out) love Cooper."
And then she resumed playing. *sigh* Young love!

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