Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two 20 year Reunions in one summer!

As mentioned in the previous post, I had two 20 year Reunions this summer! I crashed my first one, but for the second one in August, I was a true graduate!  I graduated in 1992- which seems ironically does sound like eons ago, but also feels like just a blink of an eye!
So for the first night of my "real" 20 year reunion, two amazing people hosted a "rewind" back to the 80's and 90's Keg Party! You might be nodding, saying, "oh yeah, I remember a keg party or two" back in YOUR day.  It may also sound like a "WTHECK" kind of party.
It. was.a.BLAST! Really, it was SO much fun, I wish we would've had more time to stay all night and visit.
I borrowed a friend's hubby's Tshirt (Metallica was HUGE the year I graduated, Enter Sandman, anyone?), and we had our maroon and gold colors flying.

The hosts also decorated the port-o-potty in honor of our high school years!
Aqua net, Aussie Sprunch Spray, and those little bottles of body spray! How fun!
 My locker was jammed with pin-ups resembling these!
 Some of my dearest friends...Pegs and Alicia (fellow graduates) and my friend, Katie, who met us for dinner and drinks prior to OUR party....she also picked up up later at 1AM in the rain!
The Keg Party took place at a friend's house, outside, and besides the clever port-o-potty, they had also put together a mix of music and videos (shown on the garage door) of songs ONLY from our Sophomore year 1989 thru our graduating year, June 1992. Time was invested and it payed off....it was SO much fun!

 A few of my old gang! So much fun! And yes, it looks like we were in a wind tunnel!
 Some more fellow peeps and classmates!
C. writes a hilarious and inspiring
blog herself, based on her running, and life with kids, class, work..... 
 Rob and I have been in school together since we were 5 years old. He's a fellow neighbor and I hadn't seen him
Pegs, Ali, and myself before hitting the GTG for the second night.....
 The second, more formal, night.....
 Dancing away.....
 More friends.....
And a group shot of my fellow Elementary peeps. Amazing how awesome everyone looks, after 20 years! We've all known each other since we were 5 or 6 years old!

And where were my kids? Well, lucky duck ME, I got to go up North ALONE for the entire weekend! It was almost scary LONELY!  My parens were out of town, so it was just me alone in my childhood home, alone for the weekend. I ended up staying over both nights at Alicia's house, as I didn't want to go to bed alone, and wake up alone. We all know the best part of going out and staying out half the night, is waking up to rehash everything the next morning! SO much fun!!!
Ahhh, memories............

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