Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twenty Years!?

 Say it isn't so! Last summer, I had my 20 year high school reunion. I know, right? I don't look like I'm THAT old!? LOL.  But, alas, it's true.  For my Junior High Years, I was bussed (with my 'hood) to a junior high in Downtown Duluth, good old Washington Junior High. It was there that I met most of my best friends.  I also went to school and was friends with the *now* Mayor of Duluth, Don(ny) Ness. He will always be "Donny" to me! 
We were all split up after 9th grade, and I went to Denfeld High School, while most of my core group of friends went to Central High School.  Not being one to lose touch, I didn't. My B/F/F since 5th grade, Jess, and I stayed in touch the entire time, and we are still awesome friends. She's like a sister to me. I couldn't imagine life without her!  And thanks to Facebook, I was also reunited with other Central High friends, and kept up on their lives and reconnected with them.  Technology is an amazing thing.  When my own 20 year Reunion wasn't until August, I "crashed" Central's High School 20 year Reunion (why not? I was in their yearbook! :)  Yep, with my danceline peeps!
I went with Jess and her hubby the first night, and the second night I crashed it with my old friend, Holly! It was an amazing time, and I'm so glad I crashed it. LOL  What was more cool, is how amazing everyone looks!! Everyone was so welcoming and it was so fun to catch up on my fellow Junior high peers. A few of them, quite a few actually, have made quite the name for themselves!

Here is my Jess and I!
 My old pal Jen, and Troy, my fellow locker neighbor for 3 years! LOL
 A crew!

The second night- my Holly (berries) and myself
Jen and Julie!
 The Mayor of Duluth and some fellow peeps (that guy in the blue on the end!? He and I were voted "Shyest" in our 9th grade yearbook!
Amy and I used to write notes to each other (remember writing notes?) to try and make each other laugh the most. Many, those were the easy and good old days!

 What were the girls doing while I was out partying? They were with Nana and Papa!

Walking the dogs....

Cuddling on the couch....
 Helping Papa blow up his airbed (he sleeps in the basement when we visit, so I get "his" room
 Nana read stories to Kyla for bed
 and during the day on Saturday of the festivities, the girls got to play with other kids of fellow classmates...... 

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