Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

Forgive my lapse in posting, but I'm finally getting to some major FIRSTS in our household.
K1's first day of Kindergarten! *sob* Yes, our baby girl, our miracle child....has started Kindergarten. The girl LOVES It, but I will tell you, there are many mornings that we are having "issues" in getting out the door. She is a very smart girl, no bragging intended, and often done first with her work. Well, the major work these kids have these days is ALOT....and that leaves little time for play. Our girl is a talker, a socializer, a curious George in her own sense. She knows everyone and wants to know exactly what is going on in every aspect of her classroom.

"But Mom, I have to be QUIET when I finish my work," is what she'll sob to me.  Or, "I get a headache!" (which is very much true, I'm sure).  We are actually working with a trained Psychologist who specializes in "things" that our girl "might" have (we were told in June, after a full day of extensive testing, that she may have ADHD/Mood Disorder Issues). I don't doubt it.
We've got our special girl on a VERY low dose of Zoloft, as well as many supplements that she willing takes every morning and night, that I feel are very important "brain and body" food.
So far, we've adjusted and we think we've found the low dose she's good at. We shall see, and I shall keep you posted on that.

It is HARD raising kids. They don't tell you that when you're going in for all the trials and tribulations of the IVF/Infertility journey! You don't think ahead,  about the days ahead that aren't always sunshine and roses. It is HARD, but don't think I don't cherish this girl every second of every minute of every day. I do.I love her with my whole being, and this was one huge moment for our house.

So, Kindergarten.

The below Blue Skirt pictures are of her Orientation day. She picked out her own outfit, and own purple clip in her hair. She is a unique little fashionista.  
What a little poser, huh?
 Talking on the phone to Daddy prior to entering
 Outside her new school
 Ok, Mom, enough with the pictures 
 Listening to a story with a few other kids (there are 24 total kids in her All Day Kindergarten class, and her teacher ROCKS!)
Her locker!
 The "OFFICIAL" first day- getting into Daddy's car.
 Nervous Nellie going into Before School Kid Zone. So she lasted at the Before School care for one week. We took her out (too long before hand, and she was overwhelmed) and put her in a home day-care next store to our house. She gets breakfast and a calmer morning, and then rides the bus with her peers. There are about 20 kids at her bus stop, and about that many at the next stop up. It's a full neighborhood of kids; we are lucky in that sense.  On our street alone, there are 5 kids in the same K class!
She is talking about being in the Before School Kid Zone next year....so we shall see...
She LOVES the after school Kid Zone, I can barely get her out of there! 

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