Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A 5 year old says, "YUM YUM" to this recipe!

I will literally pick up recipes ANYWHERE I find them, and try them with the kids if, 1) they are easy, 2) they are prettttttttttttty much healthy, and 3)I myself would eat the food!  (*which is why I'm enjoying Pinterest so much, for all the easy FOOD ideas I've been pinning away.....*)
I found this in USA Weekend a few weeks back and decided we had most of the ingredients, so I gave it a shot. It fit all 3 of my criteria, so it's now a staple in my menu planning (ha ha, I laugh, because I TRY to menu plan, but I typically don't), and both girls really liked it.
I used bacon and lots of pepper and extra Parmesan cheese on mine.

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