Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goin' to the *County* Fair!

A few weeks ago, CJ and I packed up the girls in the morning, and headed down the road to our local County Fair. We hit the fair LAST year, with some friends, and it was a HOT HOT HOT day, so it wasn't very "fun" per say. Lots of sweat and eating greasy foods that gives mom a tummy ache.
This year, our brave Keifer girl was oh-so-very brave! She has overcome her anxiety about RIDES and was willingly put onto many kid's rides with no hesitation at all! She loved the rides! Loved them, and wanted to ride them over and over!!! Kyla didn't remember the fair - we hit our State Fair a few years back, and did the County Fair last year, but this year, it was fun. It's nothing like the State Fair, but enjoyable for our girls just the same.........

Before we did ANYTHING, Daddy has to get his Cheese Curds! This is true at EVERY FAIR we go to!
Sissies discussing the pony. Keifer decided that she would TRY to go on a pony ride this year.....last year she was terrified upon encountering the horse......
This year, there was NO PROBLEM (YAY!) She kept saying "Giddy up, horsie, giddy up!"
Next to the pony rides were the jumping trampoline things, that hook the kids into the ropes, and let's them jump as high as they can go! Keifer became brave this Spring, and has done this a few times at our Mall.....and at the City Wide celebration last month. However, I don't think she has EVER gone as high as she did this year! And she LOVED IT! OYE! Mama's heart!
Sissy got bored, so we headed to the ferris wheel with daddy ( I watched, I'm terrifed of them!), and the Merry -Go-Round, where Keifer also graduated from riding on the SOLID, non-moving bench to the actual Up-and-Down horse! YAY for Keifer on this ride as well!

And you want to talk about JOY? Pure joy -on Kyla's face as the sissies zoomed around on the cars!

Taking a break to share an Icee drink.
And Keifer also braved the kiddie roller coaster; how she doesn't have whip lash is beyond me! LOL

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