Wednesday, August 17, 2011

50 book challenge? MET, DONE, and onward.....

I did it, I completed my 50 book challenge again this year, and am continuing to try and devour even MORE books before I return to work in the next few weeks.........

LINK is here - CLICK for the entire list and I'll let you know, the one I"m telling EVERYONE to read is "Before I Go to Sleep" by S.J. Watson. GOOD STUFF. If you like the movie Memento, ( I loved it!!) or 50 First Dates, it's a great mystery/thriller along those lines. Do not trust your husband? Waking every morning with no memory of who you are? Why? Get it. It's good!

I was also a fan of Linda Castillo's "Breaking Silence-" this is the 3rd in her Amish country detective series. I really enjoyed them, and they are easy and fast to read, and always have some sort of twist.

I also JUST found out that Chevy Stevens has a new book out, so I just put it on hold a the library; she was the author of my favorite, "Still Missing" last year.

I read a lot of Linwood Barclay; although I enjoyed his "No time For Goodbye", I got tired of his style (even though I read more of him). I do really like Lisa Unger - her first book "Beautiful Lies" and the follow up "Sliver of Truth" were really good. The next few- so so in my opinion. Fragile was good and apparently the followup to "Fragile " is now out......

Julie Kramer is fun to read. She writes about the twin cities here in MN (where I live) and does it in a humorous yet creepy way. The first book she wrote introduced her "Riley" TV news reporter character and all her books follow Riley through different mysteries.

For something different, I loved "Girl in Translation", about a young Chinese girl's experience after moving to America with her mother. And thanks to my coworker/friend Ruth, I discovered "The Murderer's Daughter's", which I honestly didn't think I'd like, but could not put down!

Go on, read some new books,and for sure, let me know what you think!! I was so happy to have read some of the things I did this year, and hope to find some more little "nuggets" of gold out there for you to read!

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Jamie said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I just ordered "Before I Go To Sleep" from our library.


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