Saturday, August 27, 2011

The girls' first TRAIN RIDE- Duluth Part 4

Is this not the cutest picture of Papa & Nana holding hands w/the girls and Wyatt?

On our very last day of our "girls" vacation up in Duluth, visiting Nana & Papa, we took the girls and Wyatt on the North Shore Scenic Railroad, which was a 90 minute round trip up the Lake Superior Shore and back. To say the kids were excited was an understatement!

Here it comes!
Upon boarding the train, Keifer was truly (not acting!) thrilled beyond belief!

Getting silly with her tongue!
Watching out the window w/the Wy-guy!
After awhile on our way back, Wy and K1 decided to bicker like true family, so Nana had to go give them a talking to. Poor Keifer wanted to sit by Wyatt and he didn't want her to. We tried explaining about how much she loves him but that didn't work. Threats of no more treats did the job! LOL Ahhh, kids..........
That night, we all had dinner with Uncle Darren, Auntie Steph (Wy's Mama), Auntie Barb, and Aubrey. The line-up :)

And this was on our way home to Daddy, after all our travels and vacation, we had to stop and get a SMOOTHIE for the girls! Keifer is modeling hers.....
...while Kyla just practices on her sucking skills! LOL
To say we were all tired out is an understatement. It was SO MUCH FUN in Duluth! The girls and I played "tourist" and had a blast doing so. We all got to see more family and friends than we've ever been able to in one trip (only!) and had so much fun we were there. Plus, the weather this trip was unbelievable. Sunny, not "too hot", and lovely to sit in.
We were all tiredand Keifer ended up getting really sick a few days later with a nasty fever for 4 days, that had us in the ER for some length of time..........but we were all so happy to be in our new home and be with our Daddy/CJ! HE was also very happy to see us! I ended up dropping the girls off at home and running away to the mall for some "mommy time". Six days with just me in charge, and oh boy, were the girls cranky messes. Sorry, CJ, I left them and ran! However, we can't wait until next summer, to do all these fun things again!

**Yes, we are able to visit in the Winter, but with me working full time, it's a lot harder to swing trips up there and visit for any length of time. Sad, but true. Sniff**

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