Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh, we're going to the Fair.....

Two weeks ago this Saturday, this is what the Soup Family did:
"Hey, Kyla! Guess what? Mom and Dad are taking us to the State Fair today!"
Yep, Mama dressed us both in yellow-isn't she funny?

Yep. We all got up early, packed up 2 diaper bags and a small cooler of beverages. No food, though, because going to the State Fair is all about eating food. Lots of food. Mounds of food. It's about having a map and strategically planning your walking route according to where the food you want to try is located. *for me, it's hard to eat like this. Blech* For CJ and Keifer, it was a joyous day!

And we're off, with a sassy 2 year old who thinks that she should be allowed to be on her own no matter where we are located. Never mind, there was about 100,000 people there that day.

After we enjoyed some delicious crepes for breakfast (strawberries & cream, and a breakfast one), CJ had to get his cheese curds before we did anything else. Keifer had a few, but wasn't as into them as her daddy.
The minute we saw the Merry Go Round, Keifer would not budge. We HAD to go on the "Ring Around" right now.
So, we purchased tickets and picked out a horse.
The ride hadn't even started yet, when Keifer started to get hysterical.

Our girl, who was once so brave and enthusiastic on rides, has become something of a 'scaredy-cat'. I think she is now realizing that things can happen: the ride could go too fast and she could fall! *gasp* was to the benches we went, where she insisted on being held as tightly as possible, first by mama and then daddy.

Ohh, this girl loved the "Ring Around"-and was very upset with us (aka: in temper tantrum mode) when we refused to pay $3 to ride it the 3rd time. There was too many other things to do!
For example, we went and watched the Skate Boarders and BMX Bikers do tricks, while Keifer danced and shook her booty to the rockin' music!
Then, we enticed her with a foot long Corn Dog-on-a-stick. The girl ate THE WHOLE THING. She is 2. She ate THE WHOLE THING. First, she ate the breading off, then the hot dog inside. Funny enough,she never complained of a tummy ache!


Kyla chilled out in the stroller and took a breather and had a bottle while her sister was devouring the Corn Dog. Then, little Miss crashed out inside Mama's hot sling. She loves to be in the sling- she slept "like a baby" *(snicker)* for 2 more hours. Mama was hot and sweaty, but so in love with that little peanut of a girl.
CJ and I ended our time there (total time: 5 1/2 hours in the hot sun) with 2 sleeping girls, crashed out hard.
We can't wait to go again, when Kyla is older and Keifer can understand more of what is going on. For now, the State Fair experience is done ......until next time.....

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