Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ballerina Girl

In honor of Keifer starting a new class this Fall, "AB3's", I thought I'd finally get around to sharing the picture I took back in June, when she took the same class as a Summer Sampler. Did she like it? Do bees make honey? The girl LOVED IT! She loved the twirling, the marching steps, the shaking of instruments, using scarves as butterfly wings, and running and jumping (oh, the jumping!). The girl was like a fishie in water. The girls were all 3 years old, and it was so fun to watch them giggle, screech, cut in front of each other (!) and listen (most of the time!) to their teacher (who amazingly Keifer still talks about to this day -I didn't think she made that big of an impression on her!), and learn the basic movements of ballet dancing but in a simple and easy, fun way.

We signed our girl up for the class this Fall and if she continues to like it, we'll let her enjoy that on Saturdays. We'll also continue to do our beloved Baby Ballroom with Miss Meghan, since Keifer relies on this as part of our weekly schedule, it's a great social outlet for her (because Dani and Mazzy have just 'always' been there with her!), and Miss Kyla has yet to share her bum-shaking good time on a regular basis! We're excited!
We're also continuing to keep K1 in swim lessons for awhile. She loves it, and we love that she is turning into a confident and amazing little fish.

Too much for a 3 year old? I might have said so, but....the other day, on this past holiday weekend, Keifer took my face and looked at me, and asked where we were going that day. I didn't know, and she told me, in very few words, that "she doesn't like to stay home" and that she "wants to go somewhere": pretty much all the time. So my girl is a real "go -getter". Ha ha. Just like Papa Dale and her Mama :)

So excited to have Mama come INSIDE the studio to watch on her last day of dance
Learning to take turns and hold the arms in proper positioning
Run and JUMP
Jump, Keifer, JUMP!

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Wendy and Karen said...

What a great class. And what a beautiful ballerina!


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