Monday, May 10, 2010

Swim, baby, swim

We enrolled Keifer in swimming lessons at our gym in the beginning of March. She made it to one lesson before she managed to have a double ear infection for 2 weeks following that. CJ is in charge of taking her to lessons, and he did make it to another lesson with her at the end of the month, after said ear infections. She was not having anything to do with the lessons. Apparently she was being quite the stinker and refused to do anything that was requested of her, and demanded Daddy be in the water with her, then didn't want anything to do with him. We stopped going for a few weeks.
Cut to the end of April- after she turned 3. We hyped the swim lessons up for her as a "big girl' thing, and it managed to entice her enough to try again. Without daddy in the pool! Success! Our girl has now made it through 2 lessons without daddy in the pool and does what the teacher wants her to do!
I managed to find help watching Kyla at home so I could see Keifer Lynn in action at the pool last week. It was fun to see her kicking and floating on her belly and back and blowing bubbles with her teacher. There are 3 other kids in her class , and Keifer is definitely the "headstrong" one of the bunch, it appears to me. She is the one elbowing the others to do things FIRST, and is apparently a little thorn in her teacher's side, as she likes to push the envelope with her listening skills. For example, instead of simply pushing the floatie bar thing back to the teacher, like the other kids, Keifer likes to twist and turn and splash the bar; madly throwing it AT her teacher, rather than the gentle push in the water. It took the poor teacher all of the lesson last week to finally get our LION of a girl to do this the correct way. Ahhh, Keifer, why are "THAT CHILD?". LOL
But: the good thing is, she adores her class and loves learning, so I'm hoping and praying the learning of correct swim techniques sticks with her!

Here she is in her "lane" with the other kids and her teacher. She is the one with the teacher, holding onto the floatie bar thing swimming towards the camera.
Hanging out in the back left

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