Thursday, September 02, 2010

Day late, dollar short? K2's 15 Month Stats and pics!

HEY HEY HEY! HEY, YOU! It's me, Kyla! And I'm officially 15 months (as of the 19th of August) and Mama is late, as usual, on the post about my stats and new skills!

Kyla, Kyla, Kyla. Our darling Kyla. Words that come to mind: sweet, mellow, edible, curious, low-talker (LOL), mechanically oriented, puppy lover, friendly, smiles, come-what-may Kyla. So sweet, so so mellow, so curious about everything and at 14 1/2 months, she was our WALKER! She is the cutest thing ever, with her bumper bum toddling about everywhere, slowly getting faster and more confident with her steps. Of course, she decided to start walking on her own exactly 5 hours after Mama had left town for 4 days! AHH! Of course, all this new walking makes for many spills and tumbles, and we have the standard bruises all across her forehead and on top of her head as she makes connections with tables, the floor, etc., in her tumbling. Poor girl split her lip 2x in one day a few weeks back, and then a few days later, bit it all over again, so it was fat, bloody and sad to see.

Kyla has no hair yet! But: the hair is starting to thicken up ever-so-slightly, especially in the back AND to Mama's excitement (*clapping excitedly*) she's getting little CURLS back there. Especially in the humidity! Mama is excited and hoping those curls stay put! It's funny- Keifer had her first hair cut at 11 months, and Kyla is 15 1/2 months and still doesn't need a comb/brush at all (although she loves to take combs and TRY to comb her own non-existent hair! It is really quite cute to see!)

She loves to eat. Eat eat eat. Everything you give her: she eats. And when (and if)she decides she's done -she drops the food ever-so-carefully over the edge of her high chair for Sager to eat and lick her hand. And oh yeah, she then giggles about it. So smart and sly, this one.

Where ever we go, people comment on Kyla's sweetness: she just has an innate mellow and peaceful nature to her. She is so beautiful, and so quick to break into a smile , complete with her "snicker" nose look. She loves to laugh and her laugh is so contagious: its the type of belly laugh that you can't NOT laugh along with.

She adores Treble and Sage. She is trying to hard to interact with them and is trying to "pet" them: we are teaching about being gentle, but her swipes are sometimes a bit too rough for them. She tries to keep Treble happy by bringing him his toys and bones, too. It is the cutest thing. She does a little "barking "sound that is also adorable to listen to.

Kyla is a garbage girl, so the garbage goes up behind the gate on top of the stairs to our upstairs. Everything gets thrown into the garbage can if it's trash or not, and then it gets investigated if the top isn't tight. LOL.
Kyla will take things (toys, items, what ever) and hold it/them in her 2 hands, and then slowly flip the item around and around to investigate. You can just see the wheels turning in her head, trying to figure out just what this "thing" is!

She's making MANY sounds, and is always saying "mama", for this child is A MAMA'S GIRL (oye). She says Dada, and "sis" (extend the SSSSSS sound on that), puppy, and all done. She's slowly starting to add words and phrases to her vocabulary, but you have to KNOW what she is saying in order to understand her language. She's not as talkative as Keifer was at this age, but she makes a lot of NOISE. LOL. She also lets her sissy or parents know when she wants to do something ( lots and lots of pointing at things) or SQUAWKING when she doesn't want to be picked up or bugged by older sis.

Stats? We had Kyla's check up early last week, and our preemie girl is continuing to move on up the charts.
Weight: 23 lbs, 9 ounces = 64%ile
Height: 31 1/4 inches long = 75%ile
Head size: 18 1/2 around, making her 75%ile as well.

Here's our happy go lucky girl, who you would NEVER know is sick ever, but the day of her check up, she had a 102 fever. Here she is with big adoring sissy, sick but still smiling: that's our Kyla girl!
And, I'll have you know, she put on her own headband (uh oh, a headband girl like sis?) so I fixed it for her. She loves to TRY so hard with her own clothes: the girl loves her shoes and is always pointing at them, or trying to put on a necklace or shirt by herself. So yes, if you see pics of her with necklaces on, that's because she LOVES them (or, it's always Mardi Gras in our house! LOL)

And yes, all that eating is making our baby get a Buddha belly! *giggle*

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