Thursday, July 01, 2010

A beautiful day for Lake Superior

Our trip home to Duluth to visit Nana & Papa also included a trip down to Canal Park: to see the bridge, watch boats pass under, watch the crazy seagulls (tourists are so dumb: do NOT feed the damn birds, they are GROSS!), and throw rocks in the BIG LAKE: Lake Superior. It's all Keifer could talk about. She also wondered if she could SURF in the lake. Um, not til you're older honey - and I think an Ocean might be better for that kind of sport!

Our poor girl had a 102.5 fever, little did we know, but she toughed it out. We wondered why she was such a crank- well, you can see in pictures she wasn't herself. Kyla had a ball hanging out and taking in the sights, being pushed around and handled by her favorite personal attendant: Papa Dale. He really had a hard time taking care of her (ha ha ha).

The Aerial Lift Bridge Keifer posing for mama in a tourist picture spot!
adding baby sis to the mix
Mama & K1 ready for the rock beach
cruising the canal
watching a sail boat go under the Bridge
Kyla was waving at the boat!
Our girl 2 years ago only, but so small- on the SAME rock front beach:
And this past Sunday- now 3 years old, with a rock in each hand, ready to throw!
Reflecting on her thoughts on the beach? Or simply NOT feeling good?

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DaisyGal said...

I LOOOOOVE her dress (I actually just bought it for another little girl and she loved it too) it looks soooo cute on her

Sick or not, she was having a great time, I'm glad you are enjoying your summer. *HUGS*


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