Sunday, September 07, 2008

End of summer field trips

I know I've been absolutely awful with my blogging lately, and especially with publishing pictures of our angel girl - I know her fans are disappointed in me. Fret no more, people, here is your Princess in all her glory. Mama has been a very busy mama at work and at home now, so blogging has taken a back seat, although know that I've had many posts written in my head to update you all.

CJ and I spent our last day of my vacation at the MN Children's Museum: here is our Princess sitting on top of a flower.
And here she is learning how to interact in public with water tables and bubbles: she looks such a BIG girl here, yet still tiny Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles
Up in Duluth, sitting on the fireplace at Nana & Papa's with cousin Aubrie, one of her greatest admirers! What's crazy to me is that Keifer is half Aubrie's age, yet is almost as big as her!

So proud of her monkey climbing skills Posing for the first time with more cousins, Destiny and MacKinzee!
Uncle Danny's new puppy, Jay - um, yeah, mama wants to take him home: he's a Yorkie pup, and mama had a Yorke for 15 years, so it was pulling on some heartstrings..... K was a bit flabbergasted at Jay's energy levels! LOL
Posing with Papa & Nana in Duluth's infamous Canal Park. It's amazing how I grew up here without a second thought as to how beautiful it is down in the Canal, and now, I've become very proud of having grown up on the tip of this gorgeous Lake Superior, and love to share it's beauty with others
Our girl was beyond excited on the rock beach: rocks are another passion Dipping our toes in frigid Lake Superior
K decided she wanted to splash, splash, splash in the Lake..... ...and didn't care how cold it was! A man actually came up and requested to take her picture sitting in the Lake to prove to his wife that people actually DO swim in the frigid waters! LOL. K was LIVID with us when we took her out.
Can you spy Papa & Nana walking the boardwalk with Duluth's skyline up ahead?
Tuckered out after a fun day of rocks and swimming, on our way back to see Daddy


Marketing Mama said...

Wow, she's just too cute. Love the pictures from Duluth. I can't believe she wanted to play in the frigid cold water! :)

Piccinigirl said...

wow, what a great day!!! K you had tons of fun. Like a little fish!!!


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