Thursday, July 01, 2010

Play Front Park

The past weekend, I survived hellish nights with just the girls up North at my parents house. Although K1 was super thrilled to go up and sleep in her "big girl bed" at Papa and Nana's house, well, suffice to say, that didn't happen. She fell OUT of the bed two times, despite the rails (she managed to slip in between them while sleeping) and then contracted a 102.5 fever the day we were at this park. Lovely. Kyla Whitney- usually my EASY PEASY baby? Yeah. She didn't want anything to do in the nights with the Pack and Play we had her sleeping in. So mama was split in between sleeping with two girls in two beds- thank God for Papa and Nana's help during the nights, especially the night Keifer was sick. Between the two of them, we were pretty much up all night. Oye.

However, we did manage to see some family, have some fun play times, and enjoy Duluth's newest Park (newly rebuilt, I should say), before being struck down by fever. You can tell in the pics that Keifer wasn't herself- well, she wasn't. But she did appear to enjoy the park and we have plenty of more pictures to come in posts just as soon as Mama can squeeze in the time to upload and narrate!

One third of the new park- this is the "younger children" area
Papa was in heaven with his 2 precious babes
Kyla's first park experience on a "jiggly" ride
Peek-a-boo! I see you!
Swing time with Nana Di
She looks SO OLD here *sob* Where is my baby girl?
Papa and Kyla enjoying the shade and sharing a snack

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