Monday, July 12, 2010

Home again, home again......

A preview of our recap of our (over) a week long family caravan vacation across the plains of North Dakota. Wide Open Spaces, anyone? It was fun, memorable, hot, exciting, HARD, and we are so happy to be in our own beds again.
Yes, a preview with snapshots of pictures that CJ took on his new Iphone 4 - we have (guessing) about 500 pics or so to upload on our camera alone. How do you NOT take that many pictures when your daughter wears a cowboy hat and is in love with her big cousins?
We started on July 3 with a trip to CJ's family's cabin in Detroit Lakes. We stayed there until Tuesday and then spent a night in Bismarck, N. Dakota. On the road at noon to Medora, N. Dakota - where Keifer was enthralled with their nightly Medora Musical. We enjoyed seeing real wild horses, eating at the Pitchfork Steak Fondue, and riding the train trolley car around town. We were there until Friday, and ended our week with CJ's extended cousin's wedding in Jamestown, N. Dakota. Whew. Came home last night and we were ALL excited to be home!

Cowgirl Keifer, trying to decide if she really wanted to take a Shetland Pony ride or not (she decided NOT once we were upon the actual pony, "Romeo"
Trying on Sis's cowgirl hat
Nana & Keifer at the musical - where Keifer though she should get on stage and sing and dance!
Family minus Kyla (home in bed) pre-musical
Stopping at Painted Canyon with the girls and Abby
She just woke up- not a happy cowgirl
the cousins
Keifer at the cabin with her beloved Abby
The extended cousins on the 4th of July!
Kyla vrooming around the cabin!

As I said, MUCH MORE to come!!!!!!!!

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What an awesome preview... :)


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