Thursday, January 28, 2010

Old friends & new

A few weeks ago, I packed up Keifer and we headed up north a few hours to my ECSE friend Kris's house, to have our very first sleep-over without Daddy or Kyla! It was a mini-get together of my dear ECSE college friends, and their daughters. Kris's hubby was out of town, so what better to break up their weekend then a 2 year old and her mommy visiting? Louise joined us with her 3 girls, and Michelle arrived later with 2 of her 3 kids. Keifer enjoyed herself immensely, after an initial few hours of hanging off of mommy and being shy. We slept together in Anna' s big girl bed (Queen size, imagine that!), and just had a really fun time overall. It is so nice to spend time with my old friends, and for Keifer to meet new friends her size!

Keifer posing in her beloved new Rock Star shirt- she loves guitars and calls herself a rock star, now
Jamming on her mini-guitar
Anna and Emma had guitars and a keyboard, complete with a microphone! K1 loved exploring the musical instruments!
Having dinner at the "kids" table. She loved being a big girl with her friends!
Hanging out on Emma's Elmo couch, pounding away on the keyboard (I wonder where she picked that up? Hmmm)
The girls- with my girl leading the silly game of jumping on the bed (a favorite past time of hers)
So fun!
Some of the line up!
The next AM, Emma & Keifer hanging out
Testing out Anna's real rock star guitar!
AFter breakfast, Keifer and I packed up and headed a few miles up the road. We were so lucky, because my friend Bryant (whom I grew up with) and his beautiful wife Sara live up the road from Kris! How cool is that! They have 2 beautiful boys, Cameron and Cooper, and Keifer was just as excited to arrive at their house as the day before. It has been WAY too long since we've seen Bry, Sara and the boys, and we were so excited to spend a few hours hanging out and catching up with them.
Keifer loved exploring their house and asking for snacks, and was proud as punch to use their potty like a big girl. She even had me ask "that boy" (Bryant, hee hee) if he had any M&M's for her, since she went potty. He didn't, but he did have a gummy vitamin, which she thankfully took.
Cameron (5) and Cooper (just turned 3!) Sara & I were PG together! :)
Again, instigating some jumping on the bed. Oye.
Making a silly face


natalie eve said...

Carrie - what was the brand of the keyboard/piano Keifer was playing with? I would love to get that for Nora's bday.

Soupy said...

I think this is it?


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