Sunday, November 19, 2006

A weekend of fun, family and friends

It was a fun, socializing weekend. Friday night, CJ and I and the furkids spent at Jill and Corey's, eating Chinese and watching Abby and Mason dance all over the house. Abby read about 4 different books to Keifer, and sang her "Mr. Sun" song, too.
Saturday, my parents came down from Duluth, and we hung out during the day. Then we drove up to Maple Grove and met our family friends, Bryant and his wife Sara, and their little boy, Cameron, for dinner at Buca. It was yummy and so much fun! We hadn't seen Bry or Sara since Cam was a baby , about 2 years ago. Sara is also PG, due February 2nd, with another little boy. She looked so awesome, I felt very large and in charge at almost 21 weeks, compared to her 28 week PG belly! LOL.

Then, we switched gears and drove over to the brand new Dave and Buster's, where we were meeting my friend Katie Jo, who now lives in Illinois. I haven't seen her since June, and I miss her terribly! My parents and Chris were with us, so we all got to see Katie, meet her new boyfriend, and also see some other friends of hers that we haven't seen in awhile. Our good friend Julie, (who is my pal I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers with) was also there, so my mom was in heaven getting all the gossip from my friends, whom she hasn't seen in ages.
It was a very social evening and so much fun.
Now, my parents are back home, in custody of Treble and Sage, whom they will be dogsitting for a week. CJ and I leave Tuesday night for our Thanksgiving weekend with his family, and we will be spending Wednesday through Friday nights in a hotel, so no puppies. His uncle Carl is getting married.
Sadly, but true, I don't think I'll ever be able to leave Keifer Lynn for an overnight for quite some time. Watching the dogs drive out of our driveway with my parents, had me, bawling my eyes out. I sobbed for about 20 minutes, and then ended up crashing and taking a 3 1/2 hour nap. Wow. They are dogs, but they are my babies. Hugs to Treble and Sassy Sage, I know Papa and Nana are spoiling you rotten right now. *big Tboy sighs*

Here is some pics of Julie, Katie, and myself - me feeling very large and in charge again! LOL


twolinesonastick said...

I think your belly is so cute... I keep reminding myself that I am just a little over a week behind you. I am so jealous and can't wait for mine to pop out a little more... tired of looking "thick" or "chunky" and I just want to look pregnant!!

Piccinigirl said...

YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! I am so glad you got to see so many people you missed. It must be so exciting to share this time (finally) with everyone .



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