Thursday, January 28, 2010

This and that........

I'll have you know, that when you see pictures of the girls posed together, sitting on the couch or in a chair, chances are I did NOT pose them. It was Keifer, requesting to "hogue" (hold with a "g" sound instead of the "ld" sound) her sister and "mom, take a picture!". The girl adores her baby sister, simply adores her. The feeling is mutual, for now, thank goodness.

Here they are, the "beary sweet" sissies - LOL at mama being silly
Ahhh, pure love-can you feel it radiating off of Keifer? And Kyla- oye- I wanna eat that girl UP!
As usual, Kyla has a finger (or hand) in her mouth (always!) and who knows what Keifer is doing. Oh, and that's Keifer's "I'm a big sister" bracelet on her wrist-she loves to wear pretty bracelets and is very proud of this one.
Doing what she does best: take pictures around the house, especially of her sissy (chewing on her hands) as Treble watches over the activitiesOur friends Christian and Jackson came over with their baby Dylan and mama Allison for a play date! Here, they are exploring the water color books where you just add water and paint
Although Keifer is learning the sequence of water colors painting (water, paint, picture), she really enjoys just adding water and voila: the colors appear!
Ohhhh, feed me, feed me!! The girl makes a LOT of noise when it's meal time- believe me, you know when she wants to be fed or if you're not feeding her fast enough!
Here Keifer was behaving while I fed Kyla (some days, it just isn't possible for her! LOL) , and played with her Silly Parts Talking Potato Head Elmo (which I found at a consignment sale last Spring for $2- score!)- she rarely plays with her toys - I have to persuade her lately- all she wants to do is what MAMA is doing!

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Piccinigirl said...

those girls are soooo beautiful!
I love those smiles, they make my day!!!!
love to all three of you.


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