Friday, February 22, 2008

Swimming Pools are SO much fun!

Last Saturday, our girl was re-introduced to a swimming pool (her first time being when she was around 3 1/2 months old in Lake Tahoe). The first time was not too big of a deal to her, but this time was a whole different story. Initially, our girl was very unsure of what the dickens we had gotten her into; after a few minutes of warming up in her devoted Papa's arms, she became more and more comfortable in the water, and within 10 minutes we had a baby fish on our hands. She splashed and kicked her little legs like there was no tomorrow, and I honestly think K was the loudest child in the whole swimming pool area of the hotel. She had a ball, and we all had so much fun just watching her and experiencing the joy through her experiences. I told CJ that we better start swimming lessons sooner than later: I don't think our girl has any fear!

If you click HERE, you can see the series of her in the pool on our video clips.

With my Papa, getting used to this water, not too sure of what is going on with my mamaChecking out Cooper, to make sure he's having fun, too
Splashing with my mom with this thing called a "noodle?"
She already has the proper positioning!
After swimming, Cooper gets dolled up for his little lady, K....
...and they head out to a side-by-side romantic dinner for two (or more, with their moms and families)
Coop offers to share his sippie cup of milk, but that stuff is too strong for our 10 month old!
After dinner, K cuddles with Coop's mama, Sara, and checks out those sharp white things inside her mouth
Sara makes a good cuddle buddy

We were so proud of our girl that day. She had such a great time swimming her little heart out, had a blast eating out at the restaurant, and ended the night getting home 2 hours later than her bedtime! WOW! What a full day she had!

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Wendy & Karen said...

I love the swimming pictures. I've had several people encouraging me to take baby Kylie to a baby swim class but I'm just so nervous about it. It was nice to see you and your family smiling and having fun.

And I LOVE her bathing suit and her beautiful smile.


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