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Christmas Part 1

Here I am, 2 weeks later, finally blogging about our Christmas, 2009. For the first time, we were able to stay at our house for the holiday, as it was our year to celebrate with Chris's side of the family, and his parents came down to where we live to celebrate.
I had a full 2 week vacation this year, and we started it full of plans. We did the Holidazzle parade, and we had our play date with Brandt and his mommy. Chris and I got to go see a movie, shop, enjoy dinner out, and then whammo, the sickies invaded our house. Wednesday, Keifer started getting a temperature and a runny nose plus cough. Thursday( Christmas Eve) she seemed better, and her temperature was only 99.3 or something like that. We decided she seemed "OK", and made it to our Church for the Christmas Eve service. Because it was snowing like crazy, the church had canceled the 10PM service; but that was OK, as we were only going to make the 5:00 service. It was a beautiful service, and guess who got asked to be Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus and the Angel of the Lord? Yep. With Abby as Keifer's personal assistant, we finished the church service as the holy family that blessed night. It was very fun.

After church, we drove down to Corey and Jill's house, where Corey was slaving over the stove and we had a Prime Rib dinner. Keifer was starting to not feel good again, and you can see in all our pictures, she just wasn't herself. Kyla was up way past her bedtime (hence the PJ's) but she had a ball. I was nervous she'd be cranky, but she held up great.

Keifer and her beloved Abby.
Keifer wore her Christmas dress than Nana Dian got for her. When she put the dress on, the first thing she said to me was "Mom, I have to show Uncle Corey my dress! He'll love it!" Keifer opening the first of many presents to come.......
Kyla was chilling out with her Uncle Corey
Not feeling good (a fake smile)
Kyla trying to figure out what the singing Reindeer exactly IS
Keifer opened her new Movers CD (For Those About to Hop) from Papa Jim & Nana Margie. Papa was asking her where Warehouse Mouse was?
Keifer received a new cozy robe and new Super Girl PJ's from Auntie for Christmas and immediately had to put them on!Not sure why this is crooked, but Kyla enjoyed lap time with Nana Margie
Lap time with Auntie Jill - she LOVED her new Curiosity Cube! It's a hit! Thanks to Liz for the idea (it was on a wish list for baby Goat!)
The girls were spoiled by their grandparents and aunt/uncle/cousins. Keifer loved her new jammies, robe, new slippers, clothes, CD, and her "hip hop" singing snowman. She received a bag of new socks, and upon seeing that one pair were red with navy stripes, exclaimed "these socks are like Mason's!" (which they were! How observant she is!), and immediately put those on along with her jammies and robe!
Then, we packed up ALL our new toys and presents, and headed home. Keifer wasn't feeling well, and that night, she had a very high fever of 102. something. We kept trying to get Tylenol and Motrin into her, and she slept in our bed with me. She had a very restless night, and was delusional for part of it. I woke up at one point, to Keifer crying and begging me to get the butterfly away from her and waving her hand away- she saw a white butterfly on her hand. Um, yeah, that freaked me out a bit.
Christmas Morning, Chris and I were so excited to have Keifer wake up to see what Santa had brought for her, but she was too sick to care. She then promptly threw up in our bed (mostly water, thank goodness), but the poor girl. :(
Here are the cookies and reindeer food, plus the glass for milk, that we set out for Santa.
Santa left gifts for both girls!
However, Keifer didn't give a hoot that Santa had come to our house. She preferred to lie on the ground for a few hours, and wanted to sleep, which is so unusual in itself, we knew she was sick.
Notice her new red socks? She didn't want them to come off!
Finally, a little after noon, our girl woke up and was ready to check out her gifts from Santa. She found the plate that he had left, and ate the crumbs from the cookies that he snacked on.
Keifer loved her new Snap & Style dolls, and her new Guitar dress. Her and Kyla both received matching "Future Rock Star" shirts, and books as well. Kyla just really enjoyed the tissue paper!
Keifer was also very impressed that Santa knew that she loves to use stampers and markers, especially when there are Princesses on the markers! Santa did well! That Target dollar bin really was a great spot for Santa to shop this year!
We finished Christmas Day with Papa Jim & Nana Margie. They came over in the afternoon, and we all had frozen pizza and pizza rolls for dinner. Great Christmas dinner, huh? (well, we did have Prime Rib on Christmas Eve). Chris had picked up some cake for Baby Jesus, we of course, we celebrated his birthday by singing to him, and Keifer had the honor of blowing out his candle!
Overall, it wasn't a healthy Christmas, but it was a very happy and beloved one! We hope you had one that was happy as well!

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