Friday, January 08, 2010

Christmas Part 2

The week following Christmas continued to be a sick one at the Soupy home. Keifer's fever ended up (totally) lasting for 7 days. She had the barking cough, but when we took her into the doc, Xrays showed that her chest was clear. She just was not herself the entire time. So, any plans we had went out the window: skiing for the first time with Daddy? Out the window. Finally sledding down the hill in our back yard? Out the window. Playing outside in the snow? Out the window. And finally, traveling up to Duluth to Papa Dale and Nana Dian's for my side of the family's Christmas? Out the window. *(sob)*. No chance for play dates and reunions with family or friends: plans that had been made for months ahead of time. But what do you do? With sick kids, we weren't leaving our house! Because yes, Kyla ended up getting a fever for 2 days and had a watering eye, and nasty, drippy nose, and yep: the barking cough. Sadly, we had to sit in the steamy shower that Monday night just so the poor girl could sleep - her coughing kept her awake (and us!). It was heart-wrenching to listen to the sound of both my girls, lying in bed, coughing so hard they almost threw up. So sad.

So, when we weren't able to go North, Papa and Nana came down for a day to visit us and bring all their gifts.

Here, Keifer is ready to show Papa and Nana what Papa Jim & Nana Margie gifted HER: her newly beloved Train set! She loves this thing (and Mama is proud that I can put it together by myself! LOL)

Keifer was thrilled to show Nana Dian her Hip Hop Snowman.
Nana loves her girls
Nana and Papa Loving on Kyla
Keifer opening presents from Great-Uncle Danny- yay! A new Elmo DVD and more playdoh! Whoot!
Keifer's other new favorite toy: a brand new dollhouse from Papa Dale & Nana Dian! She immediately started putting her dollies in there and other odds and ends from her own pretend kitchen.
Mama ran to Target during her nap to pick up some of the Target brand doll furniture (the Fisher Price stuff is a lot more pricey!)
Sage and Treble mistook Keifer's M&M candy canes for their own personal chew toys! LOL

Keifer refused to show off her new Down jacket that Nana Dian bought her. She wasn't feeling well, and the family just wore her out. However, the next AM she was ready to take a picture with the matching hat (that came with the jacket) for pictures for her grandparents!
Some mama cuddles after a whirlwind of a Christmas week.
I think this should be "Girls in Pink"
So, Christmas is over for another year, and our tree is down. We are relieved, yet sad, that another year is gone by, and that the sickies are finally gone from our house.
If you are dying to see more Dropshot video clips of our Christmas break, you can click on my Drop shot video home page, and click on any of the clips from the weeks between Christmas. We have lots of goofy, wacky video clips , and some more package opening ones! Enjoy!

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JM said...

So sorry you guys had a sickie Christmas, that is such a bummer to have all those plans fall through. Sounds like you all made the most of it! Skyler got the exact same train set from my parents and he is in love with it :).


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