Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holidazzling good time

Last weekend, we loaded up the girls, met up with Keifer's buddy Brandt and his parents (from Elaine's house), and took the Light Rail (choo choo train) down to watch the annual Holidazzle parade. We were nervous, as Kyla has never been up past her bedtime, especially in the outdoors (and cold outdoors!) but they all did great. Keifer was thrilled to spend time with her buddy (aka brother practically) but you wouldn't have known it from the way these two 2 year olds interact! LOL. Fighting and sharing and loving and disliking. That is how we sum up their relationship!
Keifer was excited (I think) more so for the train than the actual parade, in comparison to last year. Kyla did great as I carried her in our Ergo carrier- she was bundled up and comfy and mama was comfy in her new Jacket (my Christmas present from daddy early! YAY CJ!), and Keifer kept the spectators among us entertained with her "oh, no! oh, no! Here they come!" while watching from daddy's shoulders.

On the train, giving Kyla some good eats
Brandt and Keifer waiting for the parade to start
Mama snuggling Kyla (yes, she is in there!)
Keifer on daddy, exclaiming with awe over the lit up floats
Brandt and his mama and daddy
Family picture!

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