Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cookie baking play date

We don't have daycare (Elaine) over the 2 week holiday break, and Mama didn't have to work, so we had Brandt and his mommy over on Monday to make some cookies and play. They live about 5 minutes from us, so it was very convenient and fun!
Keifer was so excited to have Brandt at her house (although you might not have known it when he was actually here).Brandt apparently told his mom on the drive over that he would share his cookie sprinkles with "Keifer's mom" but NOT with Keifer herself. Ahh, the joys of egocentric 2 year olds! LOL.
It was a lot of fun. The 2 hours flew by and we only had 3 knock down tussles and Keifer only tried to bite Brandt on his head one time. Oye. They are honestly like sister and brother- thrilled to be together but can't put up with the other having something they might want!

Here, Brandt sits to watch the "Movers" with Keifer, and she is so excited!

Our girl attempts to put her arm around B. but he is resistant to the touch
Let's make some cookies (and yes, Mama only gets store bought dough for now! LOL)
We're making cookies!
our first batch, with only a few gimpy gingerbread boys
Keifer double fisted the sprinkles and would've rather eaten them all rather than actually decorate cookies
Sprinkle girl!
Tasting our cookies!
Brandt trying HIS cookies - he was very fond of the red hots!

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