Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Camel Hunt: Part 2

Bundled up and ready for the hunt
We're not afraid, no way
So this past summer, Keifer Lynn told her Papa Dale that she wanted to go look up the road for those "camels' that were in our backyard earlier. Camels? Ahhh, yes, she meant DEER!

The girl doesn't forget a trick, so during this Thanksgiving visit, our girl reminded her Papa she wanted him to look again for the "deers". They bundled up for the cold (but no snow yet, thank goodness! A rarity!), and hiked up the road and back. No luck. No deer were sighted (no "deers") but there were plenty of "birdies" sighted.

Luckily, the next day, during our family photo session with my friend for our Christmas pictures in the woods behind the house, we saw a doe just sitting serenely in the woods, as passive as could be. I'm not sure Keifer was able to spot the deer sitting there amidst the trees,but it was very cool for the adults to see!

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