Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We're going on a Camel Hunt.....

Last Friday, up in Duluth, Papa took Keifer on a walk to look for the "Camels" we had seen in our backyard. The camels? In Duluth? Yeah, they were actually 2 Mama Deer and their twins (each one had twin babies with them). Keifer loved them, so they went looking for them. (*Camels? Bwhaaaaa haa haa*).
"We're Going on a Camel Hunt, we're not afraid, no way!"
Instead, they got back to our house and found Uncle Danny (Keifer's GREAT Uncle) had stopped by, with his 1 year old Yorkie puppy, Jay (Jay bird to us!). She LOVED Jay! So did Nana Dian and myself, as we had a Yorkie for 15 years (RIP, dear Misty aka Poopers **sniff sniff**)

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Michele (Moosh) said...

We're going on a Camel Hunt...
I'm not scared..
What a beauuuuutiful day!!!!! :-)


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