Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gobble Gobble Turkey, you look so good

It is SO fun to be in the house with a 2 year old who is starting to "get" holidays! For the past few weeks, Keifer has been singing Turkey/Thanksgiving songs that she has learned at Elaine's house and brining home a multitude of art projects revolving around turkeys and pilgrims! It's been SO fun, and now we are beginning to teach her about Baby Jesus and his birthday (Christmas) as well as Santa.....quite the mix, but she's starting to take a real interest in it all.
We had prepped her that for Thanksgiving, we were traveling up to Nana and Papa's house for the weekend. She was beyond thrilled to be leaving, so on Thursday AM, she woke up bright and early, and was ready to put her shoes on to leave by 7AM. It took CJ and I quite the extended amount of time to pack the car, as we now have 2 kids, 2 dogs, and plenty of gear to take with us. And that's with my parents having a lot of the things we need already at their house!
We got there in time for Thanksgiving dinner. We were joined by my Aunt Barb, my cousin Becky, her daughter, Aubrie, my brother Darren, his girlfriend, and her son, Wyatt. Wyatt is exactly one year older than Keifer (to the DAY! Same birthday), and Keifer was also dancing for joy to be able to finally meet Wyatt,after hearing about him for weeks. She had been calling Wyatt (for pretend) on her cell phones to tell him they were going to play together.

Whew. It went off without a hitch, and Keifer was in great jacked-up spirits as she ran around, screeching after Wyatt and her older cousin, Aubrie. Kyla was as sweet and cuddley as ever, taking in the sights and sounds and refusing to nap for us - I think she was also too jacked up!

Our latest blessing modeling her turkey bib!

Big hugs to greet Papa Dale

Pilgrim Keifer- she made pilgrim hats for her and her cousins/Wyatt, as well as the napkin rings at Elaine's house! She was so excited to share her art work!

The pilgrims waiting to share their Thanksgiving meal together!

Isn't this true of all families? A baby arrives, and suddenly, all the kids swarm around that child, each wanting to tug and pull on said baby, and get the most attention from it? Poor Kyla- but she handled this well-giving plenty of gummy smiles to all ! Keifer had to step in and remind everyone whose sister Kyla was! *hurmpf*
Auntie feeding Kyla- so Wyatt and Aubrie had to help. How many hands does it take to feed one baby a bottle? Hmmm....
My late Grandpa (Papa)'s best friend Ted is an adopted member of our family, as his wife passed away 2 years ago, and my Papa was his family. He joins Auntie and the kids on the couch. Here, Keifer is deciding to join in on pictures, hence the back of her melon head.
Wyatt was taking his turn on the piano, while Keifer danced circles around him (literally)! These two had quite the time *sharing* the piano!
Cousins! Or, as Aubrie calls them, 'sisters' Aubrie & Keifer pretending to go to sleep in Keifer's newly converted big girl bed. They thought they were so funny!

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the Babychaser: said...

This is exactly why the holidays have gotten harder and harder, year after year without a child. Because they are what the holidays are supposed to be all about. God, I hope next year we'll be sporting two little ones for the holidays! (Still not convinced it's actually going to happen.)

Your family is beautiful. Kids are amazing, aren't they?


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