Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The city of lights?

Christmas is coming. Keifer is now aware of this. She really isn't sure what Christmas is, other than it's "Baby Jesus's birthday". Just who Baby Jesus is -well, we're slowly trying to get that concept into her ever-working brain. The other part of Christmas is the excitement of Santa! And of course, the lights! Everywhere we go, the minute we see even a smidgen of a light on a tree or house or deck, our girl (aka "Eagle Eyes") will proclaim "look, a Christmas tree!" Or, "look, it's beautiful lights!" or saying such as this.

Because she gets SO excited over the simplest string of lights on an outside tree, when we heard that Duluth was opening up Bentleyville in the Bayfront area, well, we knew without a doubt we'd be there on Friday night. And we made it. It was amazing. Simply amazing. I cannot believe how much work went into the beautiful light display, and all the hard work the volunteers did (because it is all volunteer work!). Free cookies, cocoa, coffee, marshmallows to roast over open-pit bonfires, and of course, Santa. Beautiful lights, and Santa. And don't forget his crew of trusty Reindeer - all walking around in costumes. And Frosty.
To say Keifer enjoyed it is an understatement. I almost think it was TOO much for her to take in. She didn't really know where to go first! LOL. However, I can say for sure that going into a "tunnel" of lights was by far her favorite part of the whole experience. To be surrounded by the lights was as amazing as anything will be for her.
Oh, CJ and I had fun, too!

Keifer called this "the light castle!"
Ready to start walking!
There were so many amazing displays, pictures like this don't do this event justice!Frosty! Keifer was willing to go up to Frosty to shake his hand and say hi, but forget about getting NEAR the Reindeer or Santa!
Into the "light tunnel" they go! Can you see her little lips saying "cheese"?
Away in a mangerMama's girl! She wanted Mama to carry her quite a bit- which is hard when you're hauling around 38 pounds of active girl!
The replication of the Aerial Lift Bridge (which is right outside this display)


The Marketing Mama said...

That's really cool! Have you taken her to the Holidazzle parade? I bet she'd love it!

Soupy said...

Yes, we took her last year and she was awestruck! It was hilarious, really! We can't wait to go again this year!


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