Monday, August 04, 2008

What did K do on summer vacation? Well.....

Here's a photo recap of a couple of busy weeks we've had with many more fun times! *besides the ones we 've already posted, like ECSE GTG's , Ballroom dancing, and many swim and play dates!*

Mama & me w/her high school/college pals and their kids The little ones had a good lunch and the ones who could talk got to know each other! (K won the piggy piggy award!)
K and her new pal, Fiona (a mini-me of her mama, Tanya)K's new boyfriend (of many) Finn (*K was more excited about the remote here!*)
Who are YOU? Finn shared his super cool tunnel with Keifer
which she thoroughly enjoyed, as you can see
Finn's Grandma, Leanne (mama's coworker and dear friend)
Leanne's niece, Eliana (who met K last summer!) and doggy, Walter, who loved licking K (luckily, K loves puppies and loved him kissing her,and kept chasing him around, calling him "Sage, Sage!")
Mama's online friends MN GTG w/their kids
then some of the little girls shared some shopping and gossip!
K loves the goats at the zoo - they tickle her hands and toes And some more ballroom experiences: dancing with our instructor, Meghan
singing and acting out The Noble Duke of York
Dancing with mama and saying "hi" to Daddy
Thanks for looking through ALL of these!


Laura said...

Looks like a great summer! I love the big group shots... what cute kids!

Piccinigirl said...

what a beautiful summer you are having, thanks for sharing all those pics. Now, for the millionth time I wish I lived closer to MN so that I could meet you and miss K.

enjoy the next few weeks. :)


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