Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bon Voyage! Off to Tahoe we go....

We are leaving! Tomorrow! Bright and early - we leave for the airport at 6 AM, and our flight is something like 8:30 AM. My parents are on their way down, to stay over, then drive us to the airport, and then take our furkids for us. *sniff sniff*. I'm so sad to leave them, this will be the longest we've been away from them EVER. I know they'll be fine at my parents - Treble especially loves his "Paw paw" for all the walkin' they do, but still.....they are my babies, too.

First, we have a layover, then we fly into Sacramento, CA.. From there, we'll drive to Lake Tahoe, and enjoy CJ's family reunion. Monday AM, we'll leave for Sacramento and fly out to visit Mooshie and her family. We are staying at her parent's house, which is only a few blocks for her house. We'll be home Thursday, August 2nd, from our whirlwind tour of the Western United States.

Adding to our fun when we arrive tomorrow, we'll be having a late lunch with a girl who is also on the private message board that Mooshie and I first met on! How cool is that? Jeri Anne and her two BEAUTIFUL, gorgeous boys Austin and Ryan, are going to drive in from their town (around 45 minutes away) to meet us for lunch. To say I'm excited to see them is an understatement!

I went and had a Reiki session this AM, as I haven't had one in quite a long time (maybe since I've been PG?). It was heavenly and I could feel the energy coursing through my body. My gal said she could see "lots of colors" coming off me, and I was "zoning". I first dropped our pumpkin butt off at my coworker, Leanne's house, where her and her 4 year old niece, Eliana, were kind enough to love on Keifer for me. On the way back to Leanne's house, I stopped at a Barnes and Noble to pick up THE BOOK of the year: yes, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Whooooooo. *cue ghost sounds* I'm very excited to read this, as I was up way past my bedtime last night re-reading book #6 (The Half -Blood Prince) to refresh my memory - I find that I read them so fast I forget what has happened two years later when the new ones are released. It is ONE heavy book - and it'll be in one of my two diaper bags I'll be carrying - I'll have my JuJuBe Packabe on my back (my fave diaper bag of all time) and my JJB BeSmall on my arm - like my purse. I've got the diaper bags packed to the brim with extra clothes, our hotsling, diapers, toys, books, bottles, anything and everything you can think of. How are we going to carry baby? LOL. Harry is probably the heaviest thing I have in my carry-ons, but it'll be worth it. For once, we are NOT bringing our laptop computer on our trip *Gasps go up around the country*. I asked CJ NOT to bring it, as we are on vacation, and I find with a computer, we get sucked into surfing online and the quality of our interactions are not as great. LOL. Gee, I sound "so poetic" and funny about that. So, I won't be online for message boards, blogging, or emails until after August 2nd. I wonder if I'll need any type of meds for my withdrawals I know I'll have? LOL.

Anyhoo, I'm off to start packing for myself. Keif's items are spread out all over her bedroom floor - since we'll be in Tahoe, I've heard it gets cool at night, so I've got sweaters, sweatshirts and long pants, along with her swimsuits (one being the cutest Harley Davidson one, in honor of Papa Jimbo), hats, blankets, etc. etc...........

In honor of Harry Potter (*say that in your British accents, now!*), look what I found: A recipe for "Butterbeer" which Harry and his pals are always swigging! Here it is: CLICK HERE

My friend Leanne, and her helper, Eliana, this AM

See what happens when I leave Keifer alone so I can pack? *just kidding, LOL* But, she IS transfixed by the TV whenever she sees it flashing about*

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