Monday, August 04, 2008

The Dark Knight: we finally saw it!

Finally (as if it's been out forever, instead of 3 weeks! LOL). We saw The Dark Knight last night (for date night!). We tried to get into our local IMAX theater, but it was sold out and the line was unbelievable to get in. So we had to take it down a notch and see it in a 'regular" theater, which I was a bit displeased about (movie theater snob? Maybe?).
CJ and I both loved it, but we agreed that it could've been a tich shorter (and maybe a subplot or two less?). It seemed like so many stories were thrown into one movie.
Heath was amazing. Just amazing. You forget he's Heath. I kept trying to remember him as Ennis in BrokeBack Mountain, one of my favorite movies, but it was impossible. He really did embody the character "the Joker". He was scary, plain and simple, and he made it seem effortless to be the villain. It made me feel so incredibly sad that he is now gone, and I made CJ stay through the credits just to see the dedication to him at the end.
I was also pleasantly surprised at how well Aaron Eckhart did as Harvey Dent. His twist in the end of the movie was unexpected for me, and I admired his acting chops as well. It reminded me that I really enjoyed him in Erin Brockovich as her boyfriend who was so manly, yet nurturing.

Now, if we can see this movie again in the full IMAX glory, I'll be a happy camper....but I do need to get to Mamma Mia before the summer ends.


Emilie said...

So ... the Joker doesn't throw himself on Batman and give him a good, long kiss? Bummer. :)

I want to see this, too. How would you say it ranks on the disturbing violence scale?

Soupy said...

Violence wise, nothing too GORY, but there is the typical fighting, etc. There were MANY kids there, which surprised me, as I don't think it's appropriate for kids. There is one character who has a violent accident that changes his appearance, initially it's really gross, but it eventually grows on you! - HA!

Piccinigirl said...

thanks for the review, if we can get out of the house together without the dynamic duo we really want to see this and Mamma Mia.
Glad you liked it sweetie.

(you?? A movie snob??? NAHHHH!! *giggles*)


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