Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun with Friends up North (ECSE Girls)

Yesterday, CJ and I packed up K and the fur kids for Sauk Rapids, and spent the latter part of the afternoon into the late evening with my college girls and their families. It was a blast. We love spending time with these families and it's just a joy to watch all our kiddos learn to play with each other and grow into true friends as well. The real highlight of the day was watching Kris's 2 year old Anna, fall in love with Michelle's ONLY boy of the bunch, Jerry. Lucky dog, Jerry- in about 10 years he'll be in hog heaven since we all have girls! LOL. K had a ball and did so well. She really is a little fish and loved "splash splash splashing' with the others in both the kiddie pool and the big pool (that Trent JUST finished the deck for, right before we arrived - WAY TO GO, T!! ).

Here's some pics of our day together, unfortunately, we never were able to get all our kiddos lined up like we wanted, and I realized after we left, we didn't get our trademark pose of the four of us ECSE girls together. Well, that just means we'll have to get together sooner than later.....and I'm looking forward to our cruise in 8 years, ladies! LOL.

Keifer and Avery, enjoying a little splash time and jams to groove to (Avery was dancing) Anna enjoys her snack while Treble supervises the droppings she may provide him
K, Avery and Anna, all doing their own thing and learning about sharing
K enjoyed the big pool with her daddy: she REALLY loved driving the car floatie Anna jams out like a rock star
A year ago, Keifer and Avery were just little babies.......
..but now they are getting to be big girls and friends, too!
the "big" girls ....Madeline, Haley, Anna, and Natalie
The adults relax as the kids do their thing.....
Louise comforts a teething Avery
Kris cuddles her dream doll, 6 month old Emma
...and I enjoy snuggle time with....ANNA! (not K, she was already passed out upstairs in the P&P)
and here they are: future lovebirds? In Anna's mind, maybe? LOL. Anna & her beloved Jerry!


Michele A said...

Wonderful wonderful pics!!!

Soupie you are looking fabulous. I crack up seeing you in so many of the same clothes that I also own. We really are kindred spirits!!!

BTW, you need to do this!! PERFECT for you!! Turn your blog into a book! (Thanks to Emilie for pointing this out in HER blog...!)

Are you gonna be around tomorrow night? I'd love to call you!

Michele A said...

OH! LOL! It posted from my work email account! I was wondering why my name looked different and my blog wasn't attached! LOL


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