Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All our playing can wear a girl out

I am not sure why this is uploading upside down, but I assure you, it's not in this position in my file. Thanks, blogger. *sorry you have to crane your neck to admire our girl conked out during nap time yesterday, kicking her heels back through her crib rails.*
Although it took mommy and K a week or so to adjust to each other and being home for the summer, we've enjoyed our time together so much!

Mommy has made an effort to set up many play dates with all her friends and their kiddos, and K has loved each and every minute. Plus, we try to swim at the gym's pool and she gets her swim lessons at Elaine's as well. K goes to Elaine's once a week, and she look so forward to this as soon as we mention "Elaine"! Throw in our walks with the fur kids, our parade outings (which we've discovered K loves), and plenty of visits with our family and cousin, and zoo outings, and we've had a wonderful summer so far!
So far, we've gotten together with my co-worker Nicole and her two boys two times. Yesterday, we stayed for lunch, and as her 13 month old Patrick waved at K across the table, K blew him kisses from her (his, really) high chair.
Today, we met at the mall with my former co-worker Courtney and her little guy, Aidan, who is so delicious and sweet, I could just eat him up in one bite. K admired him from her stroller, and he chatted up a storm with us (giving me an ache in my ovaries, I haven't felt in awhile).
Last week, we swam with Jen and Sloan in Maple Grove, and a month ago, we played with my friend Allison and her two boys. Plus, we have our ballroom dancing classes for two more weeks. In a few weeks, we have more activities set up with my ECSE girls and their families, as well as my hometown girls and their kiddos (and yay for K, they involve swimming!).
K and her pal, Christian, enjoy a wagon ride together
playing with Jackson
Sloan shares some of her Goldfish crackers with K after a fun time swimming together
I'm so thankful that we still have somewhat of a time line left for the summer. I am sad already to even think about going back to work, after getting into this routine of "all play and no work" with my girl.

In a side note, our girl has become extra cuddly and "kissy" lately: I watched her loving on her "car lovey" last night- a lovie that we keep in the car for her. She was doing her "ma-wah" kisses to his nose, and repeated this over and over. This AM, she did the same thing to her toy telephone's face, and was full of kisses for mama and daddy when we played this afternoon. When I was leaving tonight for a massage (ahh, a wonderful Mother's Day gift put to use), she immediately started blowing me kisses and saying "bye".

My heart could burst with the love I feel for this precious angel of ours.

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