Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fun times with Family Friends

Yesterday, we spent the whole day up in Sartell, visiting first, my ECSE friends and their families for lunch, then our family friends for dinner. We never knew just how close my friend Kris lived to my family's friend, Bryant, and his wife, Sara and their kids. What a fun day!
Keifer made the rounds. First, we had a great lunch at Kris's house and hung out with all the kids, while the guys discussed fantasy football, golf, and who knows what else that was sports related. Keifer unfortunately had a melt down (we think a tummy ache) for about an hour, so we missed out on some good chat time, but she was better and in good spirits so we could do our photo shoot of our kids. Unfortunately, our fourth pal, Louise, and her family were missing, but we hopefully will see them soon (*no mention of how we gave her crap for not being there, LOL*)

The kids: Natalie, Anna, Allison, Keif, & Jerry (poor only boy!)

and the moms w/kids

Anna checks out Keif's car seat & likes it
Then, it was only 5 minutes up the road to Bryant and Sara's home, where we were greeted with enthusiasm by 3 year old, Cameron, and we got to meet Coooper, almost 7 months, for the first time. What a fun time and the sweetest boys ever! Thanks to Bry, for grilling us some awesome Kabobs out in the god-awful humid weather. We loved laughing at the babies, and sharing stories. Again, hopefully we'll see them soon. I was kidding with Keifer, asking her which brother will she have a crush on in the future? *smiles*

Laughing at this funny 3 year old, Cameron

Cooper wakes up and spies a baby in his house

Going in for cuddles

Cam says, "Cheese!"

Is he cute or what? Babies hangin' out


Julie said...

Your little K is DARLING!

Wanted to "de-lurk" to give you some encouragement. I love your site and look forward to your entries!


Kristine said...

I love reading about all of the adventures you guys take. Keifer girl is going to be one well traveled little tot! It's so cute. She is getting so HUGE and looks a LOT older than 4 months. Wow.


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